Best Open Source Duplicate File Finders

Our device memory is very important for ensuring flawless system functionality. Several unnecessary documents can occupy your PC memory as you work with your computer. Duplicate files are among the most significant redundant files occupying much of your system space. Since the availability of multiple files can influence your system performance, we must remove these files to enhance efficiency.

We have open-source and paid tools for removing duplicates from your PC. Here is a rundown to the best open-source duplicate file finder before you opt for the Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover for Windows.

Read on to learn about the efficient free tools that can help you clear duplicate files.

What is an open-source duplicate file finder?

Duplicate file finder is a smart application that identifies and removes multiple files from your PC. An open-source duplicate file finder is a utility that can be used for free and used to clear out redundant duplicate files. The program will create symbolic links to find and remove duplicate files. The utility reads fewer data with a unique algorithm so that the tool can perform fast.

Best Open-Source Duplicate File Finders

Although we have several duplicate file finders open source, choosing the best will help you remove multiple files efficiently. Let’s check out the top 5 no-cost duplicate file finder utilities.

1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

If you want a reliable duplicate file finder tool that can easily remove multiple files, Auslogics duplicate file finder can help you. The intelligent utility is completely free and can remove various files extensively. The Auslogics finder open source find duplicate files tool can identify and remove all common types of images, videos, and audio duplicate files. The customizable application can find redundant files using the content or file name.


  • Capacity to exclude files or folders
  • Ability to sort and filter the search results
  • Inbuilt viewer utility for images, videos, and pdf files
  • Customizable, intuitive user interface


  • Can preview the identified files 
  • Ability to scan internal and external storage for duplicate files
  • Can search files with file name, size, or location
  • Capable of undoing the file deletion


  • No drag and drop option for including files

2. Duplicate Cleaner

The duplicate file finder open-source utility is compatible with almost all Windows operating system versions and can efficiently remove duplicate files on your PC. Duplicate Cleaner open source find duplicate files tool is your go-to choice for a top-notch app with more features. The utility can scan and identify various types of duplicate files from your system memory and clear them out with ease.


  • Customizable search option
  • Can export the search result in CSV format
  • Can identify and remove duplicate images, audio files, and documents
  • Uses MD5 algorithm to scan files


  • Variety of file scanning modes
  • Capability to scan and identify all types of duplicate files
  • Comfortable identical file selection options
  • Superior file previewing options


  • Little bit clumsy interface

3. Fast Duplicate File Finder

If you are searching for a faster option for identifying the duplicate files available on your PC, then Fast Duplicate File Finder can help you. The superior utility uses four distinct file scanning methods to identify multiple redundant files. The application can compare file content, name, and size to identify duplicates.


  • Capable of previewing files after scanning
  • Auto Check option for redundant file identification
  • Available as a basic free version and an advanced pro version
  • Useful file and folder exclusion options


  • Capable of copying the identified files to a specific folder
  • Can identify duplicates from your system storage and external storage
  • Ability to identify duplicates with file content or extensions
  • Can identify and delete empty folders


  • It may require technical knowledge to use

4. Anti-Twin

This open source find duplicate files tool is the most straightforward and lightweight duplicate file finder utility that can identify and remove multiple files. Anti-twin tool will use two distinct file scanning methods to find redundant files. Both ways will allow users to tweak the matching percentage to identify similarities.


  • Can send similar files to the recycle bin
  • Capability to compare files by name or content
  • Ability to scan and identify duplicates from network folders
  • Comprehensive inbuilt tips and guidance


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Occupies less of the system resources
  • Can tweak the matching percentage to identify similarities
  • Byte by Byte file comparison methods


  • Availability of fewer search categories

5. Easy Duplicate Finder

Being a fast duplicate file finder utility, Easy Duplicate Finder can find and delete similar files quickly. The utility uses an easy and advanced scanning option. The advanced method is available with more scanning abilities and choices. Easy duplicate finder has a separate Music scan method for identifying repeated music files.


  • Can compare file hash and file size
  • Available with ten different scanning methods
  • Ability to scan and identify duplicates from your cloud storage
  • Useful file and folder exclusion options


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Can customize file scanning option with include option
  • Faster duplicate file identification and deletion methods
  • Ability to define the file scanning location


  • Limited abilities of the free version

Reasons to Avoid Open-Source Duplicate File Finders

An open-source duplicate file finder may not bring accuracy in removing all the duplicate files. A premium version can scan for duplicate files with different scanning modes to scan your internal or external storage devices.

You can perform multiple scans on different storage devices and can delete unlimited duplicate photos without any issues. It is compatible with multiple file formats and operating system versions of Windows.

Summing Up

Duplicate files are redundant components that can occupy much of your system space. Lower device storage can eventually reduce the functionality of your PC. A reliable, fast duplicate file finder can help you address this issue.

To avoid choosing the best tool, we have briefed you about the top-notch duplicate file finder applications in this post. Utilize these valuable insights and choose the best tool for removing multiple files from your PC.

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