Why Does My PC Keep Making Duplicates of My Pictures?

Why Does My PC Keep Making Duplicates of My Pictures

Identical and similar images can take up a considerable amount of space on your devices. Duplicate files may gather on your computer and mobile phone due to various reasons.

These duplicates have the potential to consume a significant portion of your storage space, resulting in system slowdowns and impacting your productivity. Therefore, it is essential to remove these duplicate files from your system to regain valuable storage space.

There are lots of reasons for the duplicate of the photos to be created.

Why Do We Have Similar Photos?

Before we know how to remove similar photos from your computer, let’s first find out how duplicate photos get saved on a Windows PC.

Studies on this topic say that duplicate photos contribute to a significant portion of the pictures saved on our PC. Over time, these photos can gather due to different factors, including downloading the same image multiple times, sharing pictures, etc. 

Also, sometimes, duplicate images may be downloaded from different sources like the Internet or social media. We may not realize their presence, but mind it, they are present in every nook and corner of the PC, eating up disk space, and hence it becomes even more essential to delete duplicate images.

  1. Restore of the backup multiple times:
    If the backup of the pictures is saved on the computer and if we restore it multiple times then the duplicates of the pictures are created multiple times. This will take up a lot of space on your computer.
  2. Downloading images multiple times:
    We use the internet to download images and we sometimes download images multiple times. This will create multiple copies of the same pictures on the computer.
  3. Copying the images:
    Then we copy the images many times. It happens that we copy the images multiple times thus creating identical copies of the same images.
  4. Sharing of the images:
    We can get multiple copies of the images from the different sources and when we download the images then we create multiple copies of the same image.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos from Your Computer?

Manually remove the duplicates:

Manually removing the duplicates takes lots of time and effort. Users have to search for duplicates in different folders and then remove them.

We can also sort the files according to name and then remove the duplicates. Manually removing the duplicates will not guarantee removal of all the duplicates.

Therefore, to remove the duplicates we can use a duplicate remover program.

Here we are using Duplicate Photos Fixer, which is one of the best duplicate photos remover programs. It will help you to remove all the duplicate photos from the computer easily.

Why You Should Use Duplicate Photos Fixer:

1. Matching criteria for finding the duplicates.

  • Exact Match
  • Similar Match

2. Criteria for changing similarity between pictures.

If you want to scan for similar pictures, then you have to choose Similar match criteria. In the Similar Match criteria, you will get different levels using which you can change the Similarity between pictures.

 3. Safe to use:

By default, one copy of the duplicate remains unchecked so that not all copies of duplicates are deleted. Also, by default duplicates are moved to the recycle bin so that they can be recovered if necessary.

4.  Ability to remove duplicate pictures from Internal & External drives:

You can remove duplicates from internal, and external drives. You can also remove the duplicates from network drives and Google Drive.

5. Supports Several File Formats:

Almost all major image formats are supported.

6. Auto-Mark Feature:

After finding the duplicates you can mark all the duplicates for deletion in a single click using the Auto Mark function. 

Latest feature of the program:

Latest version of the program includes two important features.

  1. Include Rotated images
  2. Include Flipped Images.

Let’s look at the steps below to use the program:

Using Duplicate Photos is very simple and easy. Its user interface makes it easy to find and remove the duplicate.

First you have to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Now click on the Add folder button and add the location you want to scan.

Once the location is added you have to start the scan, to do so click on the Scan for Duplicates button.

Note you can also drag and drop the location for scanning.

Once the scan is finished you will see all the duplicates found. Now if there are fewer duplicates then you can easily mark them, however, if there are lots of duplicates then you have to use Auto Mark functionality. 

Once the duplicates are marked you can delete them easily.

That’s it the duplicates will be deleted from your computer.

Final Verdict:

If you want to remove duplicate photos from your computer, then Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro should be the choice for you. It is a simple and easy to use program that will help you to remove the duplicates in no time.

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