Top 10 Marketplace For Creators To Sell NFT’s In 2022


Interested in creating your first NFT, but unsure about which marketplace to select to do so? It is a common dilemma for beginner creators and artists getting into the NFT world. No worries, here we have curated a list of the best NFT marketplaces to consider for your creation and sale of your NFTs. 

What is the NFT marketplace ?

NFTs are unique digital assets created on the blockchain ,which can be everything from gaming items, digital art, sports collectibles and real-world assets. To create, buy, sell and trade these NFTs on a digital platform NFT marketplace plays an important role. Each NFT marketplace is unique, facilitating specific features and blockchain networks. 

Since there are different blockchain technologies behind particular NFTs, hence not all NFT marketplaces support all types of NFT to buy and sell. But some NFT markets are multi-chain network supported, which makes them exclusive to create and trade NFTs on multiple blockchain. Most NFT marketplace requires users to connect digital NFT wallets and use cryptocurrencies to perform buy and sell, but many come with built-in wallets like all in one solution.

Things to consider before selecting a NFT marketplace –

Before starting out with NFTs, you should first choose your NFT marketplace where you would want to create, buy and sell your NFTs. Below are few main factors to consider for you to choose the right NFT marketplace : 

  1. Blockchain support : It is very important to find out which blockchain network the NFT marketplace is based-on. Recently most NFT marketplace have been supporting multiple blockchain on their platform which helps immensely for users to support their NFT on multichain. 
  2. Types of NFTs : Each NFT marketplace supports various types of NFTs on their platform, such as Art, Music, Memes, Game items etc. Choose the right marketplace which would support the NFT type you would want to create and sell.
  3. Gas Fees : The most important aspect to consider in selecting NFT marketplace would be to find out regarding the gas fees and transaction cost. Although most marketplace provide free minting option for your NFT but some do ask for hefty gas fees to mint.
  4. Secondary Royalty : After you have sold your NFT on a marketplace it is paramount to know if the same supports secondary sale royalty for the set rate by you. This option will improve your NFT value drastically. 
  5. Security : The crucial factor to consider while selecting a marketplace to find out how secure and safe it is to create NFT and trade them on its platform.

List Of Best Marketplaces For Creators To Sell NFTs In 2022

Checkout this curated list of the best NFT marketplace for creators –

OpenSea –

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace for creators to Sell their NFTs supporting multiple blockchain networks and offers various types of NFTs. It contains the widest collections of NFTs compared to all other NFT marketplaces where users can create, buy, sell and trade exclusive digital assets. 


Features – 

  • By far the largest NFT marketplace.
  • Vast NFT collections in all types.
  • Multi-chain supported.

Check Here



Another excellent NFT marketplace for creators to sell their NFT is Rarible ,offering the huge collections of NFTs and multi-chain support. Rarible offers a lazy minting option to create your NFT for free and sell without any gas fees. It is a community owned NFT marketplace with its native RARI tokens to buy, sell or trade their NFTs.

Features – 

  • Multiple blockchain networks are supported.
  • Provides a lazy minting option.
  • Huge collections of NFTs.

Check Here



SuperRare is one of the best marketplace for creators to sell their NFTs with their highly curated platform and handpicked artists to sell. This marketplace only showcases exclusive and unique art collections which are high quality single editions NFT. 

Features – 

  • Exclusive and unique collections of NFTs.
  • Creators driven community.
  • Highly vetted process to enlist.

Check Here

Nifty Gateway


Nifty Gateway is among the most popular NFT marketplace for creators to sell their NFTs, considering all the reputed digital artists and enthusiasts have sold their creations here for the highest price .This platform is managed by Gemini, the pioneers in digital security thus makes this marketplace highly secure and safe. 

Features –

  • Highly premium NFT collections. 
  • Most reputed artists and enthusiasts available. 
  • Extremely secure and high security features.

Check Here

Enjin Marketplace


Enjin is an all in one place marketplace for creators to sell their NFTs, where users can create, buy, sell and trade NFTs under one platform with a single line of products. It provides the end-to-end solution for beginners to launch their NFTs with a simple and easy interface. 

Features – 

  • Vast types of NFTs collections. 
  • NFTs can integrate with games and apps. 
  • Simple and easy interface for beginners. 

Check Here



Foundation is an exclusive invite only NFT marketplace which is excellent for creators to sell their NFTs for its exclusivity and curated collections of NFTs. It is a digital creators community driven platform where primary focus is on digital art. You can resell the NFTs on OpenSea and Rarible with 10% secondary sale royalty. 

Features – 

  • Exclusive NFT marketplace.
  • Invitation based creators enrollment. 
  • Superb secondary sale royalty.

Check Here



Mintable is an excellent choice for beginner creators trying to sell their NFT creations on the NFT marketplace, due to its most simple and easy platform to use smart contractors on the blockchain without programming knowledge. It is built on top of Ethereum blockchain, providing users to create, buy, sell and trade digital items without any gas fees. 

Features – 

  • Gas fee-free minting option for creators.
  • Extremely easy and simple to start for beginners.
  • Supports various NFT types including PDFs and MP4s.

Check Here

Async Art 


Async Art is another unique marketplace for creators to sell their NFTs where creators get to create, buy, collect and trade programmable unique art. The concept of master and layers digital art creation basically means each layer is an NFT and controlled by the individual owner to emulate the effects of the master final art NFT. 

Features – 

  • Unique layer and master digital art NFTs collection.
  • Exclusive programmable art.
  • Various types of NFTs are supported.

Check Here



Portion is another premier online marketplace for creators to sell NFTs, providing an excellent platform connecting artists and collectors on blockchain network enabling users to create, sell, invest and trade their own NFTs and collectibles with complete transparency.

Features – 

  • Truly immersive digital art collections.
  • Easy and simple interface. 
  • Premier quality marketplace.

Check Here



KnownOrigin is another superb NFT marketplace for creators to sell, due to its exclusive and rare digital artwork collection. Each NFT in this marketplace is authentic and truly unique from each other making it a favorite among collectors looking for authenticity.

Features – 

  • Unique and exclusive NFT collections. 
  • Easy and simple interface to follow.
  • Each NFT is authentic and truly unique.

Check Here

Comparison Table for Best NFT Marketplace for creators to sell NFTs – 
NFT MarketplaceBest features NFTs type Available Blockchains supported
OpenSeaLargest NFT marketplace compared to others.Art, Collectibles, Music, Photography, Memes, Sports, Trading Cards, etc etcEthereum, Polygon, Klatyn ,Solana
RaribleHuge collection of all types of NFT.Art, Domain Names, Games, Music, Photography, Sports, Memes, Metaverses, DeFi etc etcEthereum, Flow, Tezos, Polygon
SuperRareUnique and exclusive NFT collections.Art, collectibles, photographyEthereum
Nifty GatewayPremium NFT marketplace with famous artists’ creations.Art, Collectibles, Ethereum
Enjin MarketplaceAll in one solution for beginners getting into NFTs.Gaming, Art, Collectibles, Music, Sports, Videos etc etcEnjin, EFI
FoundationExclusive invite only NFT marketplace.Art, Videos, Collectibles, 3DEthereum
MintableGas fee-free minting option marketplace.Art, Music, Videos, Collectibles, Sports, Utility, PDFs, Ethereum
Async ArtUnique and rare digital multi layer art collections.Art, Music, BlueprintsEthereum
PortionPremier marketplace with immersive digital art collections.Digital Art, Digital Fashion, Generative Art, Meme, PhotographyEthereum, PRT
KnownOriginAuthentic and unique NFT collections.Art, Photography, GIFs, VideosEthereum
Wrap Up – 

Considering the latest trend in crypto space right now are all about NFTs, hence more and more creators and developers are joining this bandwagon with high hopes of enrichment and prosperity. For beginner creators it is of paramount importance to do their due research of NFT marketplaces and choose the right one for their specific needs rather than going by the popularity. Always make sure to choose a marketplace which provides great sales, excellent community, and secondary sale royalties. 

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