Where do Facetime Live Photos go and How to Find Them


Facetime Live Photos is a feature provided in ios that allows you to capture moments during a facetime call just like android users do on camera. you just need to hit the shutter button during the facetime calls.

How to click a live photo while Facetiming?

To Click the live photo while facetime video is to just click the shutter button available on the screen. Keep in mind that this shutter button only appears when you make a facetime call via iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac device.

How to Click a live photo in Group Call:

To Capture live photos in group chat just click on the person’s name and choose full screen. Now the person is on full-screen mode. Now hit the shutter button and start clicking photos. capturing facetime photos is fun as it saves some.

How to click a live photo while Facetiming without telling the other person:

When you take a facetime live photo another person gets notified. If you want to take pictures without notifying another user you will have to switch to taking screenshots manually.

To capture the screenshot on your iPhone or iPad press the volume up button+ side button. For iPhone 8 or earlier versions you can press the home button and side button simultaneously.

Do you know where do these photos go after the finish your facetime call? Don’t worry if you are also not able to find your facetime photos we have written possible solutions for you to find facetime live photos.

Where do FaceTime Live Photos Go

All the pictures and screenshots you click go to the photo app of your ios device. To Check the facetime live photos just go to the photos app, then go to the photos tab. Now go to all photos. Now you can check your photo according to the date and time took.

Why are My FaceTime Live Photos not Saved? How to Fix?

There could be multiple reasons your facetime live photo is not saved like privacy settings, you don’t have enough space or outdated OS. Check out what could be the problem and possible solution.

1. Make Sure you have enough space:

A most common reason why you don’t get your facetime live photo is storage issues on your device. Try to delete some unused data and Capture the facetime photo again.

2. Check Privacy Settings:

if your facetime app or camera is restricted then you will not be able to capture the facetime photo and save them.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > make sure both FaceTime and Camera are enabled.

Now turn off the facetime app and turn it on after a minute. Once the Facetime app is functional Try capturing the photo.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will be able to know where facetime photos go and Solve the issue if your facetime photos arent saved. Let us know in the comment if you are facing any other issues.

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