The Best Mood Tracker Apps of 2024


Though Mood tracking apps cannot diagnose mental disorders, they can still help monitor mood variations and help understand mood triggers causing negative emotional experiences.

Although mood-tracking apps cannot identify mental problems and should never be used in place of professional assistance and care, they can assist you in a greater understanding of the pressures and events that might cause the unpleasant feelings you experience.

Mood-tracking techniques may be as basic as keeping a daily notebook to record trends in mood fluctuations. However, a plethora of mobile applications now enables mood-tracking much easier, with interactive features, interesting customizing tools, and helpful notifications all in the palms of the hand.

These mood monitors cover anything from stress & low moods to bipolar illness & PTSD symptoms. Most of these applications were also created & recommended by health professionals.

Here are 5 of the best mood tracker apps of 2024:

1- Moodily

It is the greatest application for keeping track of the mood. It is available for download free on App Store & Google Play, and it offers to assist you to monitor your moods in a simple and effective manner.

This software also lets you select what you were doing when you noticed an improvement in your moods. Were you there with family or friends? Were you watching a movie, driving, or doing some exercise? As a result, you are free to select the sport that best suits you.

Moodily functions similarly to a personal journal in that you may record notes every day and then exchange them with the doctor to track your improvement over time.

It is vital to note that this software was created by people who suffer from depression. Their major purpose is to assist those suffering from this illness in determining what makes them happy. This is the best app to track mood disorders.

If you struggle with depression or anxiety, you will appreciate its key qualities, which include:

  • This software includes taking notes on all of your activities.
  • You may also track the moods over the period.
  • You may display the application to the doctor or other health professionals to let them know how you’ve been doing lately.

2- MoodKit

This software will significantly enhance your moods.

The software was created by two psychologists & currently includes more than 190 mood-improvement exercises.

This is an excellent mood-tracking software since it uses cognitive behavioral therapy ideas and practices (CBT).

MoodKit has indeed been published in The London Times, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, & CNET. In summary, it has 4 major methods to assist you:

  • Measure & rate their emotions to track your development over time.
  • Create self-awareness & positive attitudes.
  • Use your feelings and thoughts to better your life.
  • MoodKit can help you shift your stressful ideas.

3- MoodPanda

This software functions similarly to a mood journal. You may keep updating the changes in mood as often as you want, and it’s gonna provide charts to help you identify key trends or changes constantly.

MoodPanda also allows you to view your moods on a timeline. It is a great tool to bring to your treatment sessions.

This app’s primary features are as follows:

  • You may communicate with the MoodPanda group and accept their help if you like.
  • It shows you how the mood has evolved over the previous several days or weeks or months.
  • Discover what brings you the most joy.
  • Keep track of your everyday moods.

4- Mood Tracker

This tool has elevated mood tracking to a new level. It contains some helpful information regarding sleep habits as well as medication reminders.

When you are feeling depressed, it may also give notification to your support structure so that they can assist you and improve your mood, and encourage you as quickly as possible.

Mood Tracker enables consumers to communicate with mental health professionals. This feature gives patients and physicians access to the data they give in the app, allowing professionals with your consent to check up on you.

5- Daylio

This mood tracking app functions similarly to a mood meter, able to track emotions without typing a single word.

Do you want to know how Daylio works? It provides you with multiple films that represent various moods; all you must do is select the one which best fits your sentiments at the time.

If you really want to understand how to control your depression, it can be extremely beneficial. Here are its primary characteristics:

  • It has a “Statistics & Calendar” function that allows you to keep your emotions on daily essentials.
  • Daylio enables you to recognize emotions, trends, and behaviors.
  • You may also keep track of your actions and make notes if you believe they are useful.


Make use of these healthy applications. Whether you struggle with mood swings, depression, stress, or anxiety, these applications provide strong, life-changing solutions to assist you to conquer these difficult situations.

Finally, mood-tracking apps are helpful, and they may truly help you control or avoid the early indications of a mental health condition, so don’t wait to download them right away on the phone.

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