Best Sleep Trackers of 2024

best sleep trackers

Researchers at ETH, Zurich have recently released a mobile system called ‘SleepLoop’ for those who suffer from poor sleep, especially older people. SleepLoop promotes a complete sleep cycle through auditory brain simulation.

It comes in the form of a headband which possesses a microchip and electrodes which measures the brain activities of a person. A custom software analyzes the sleep in real time.

The participants of the research were satisfied with the brain stimulation signals and did not find them disturbing in the sleep through the weeks, every night.

The above research is followed by Science Daily with primary source as ETH Zurich.


Given there are so many sleep gadgets being introduced in the market, it is imperative to say that healthy sleep is important. If the sleep cycle remains incomplete for a few weeks and then months, it can reduce an individual’s vigilance and decrease their performance levels in everyday life. There could be multitude of reasons for not completing the sleep including heavy work burden, social commitments, excessive use of electronic devices or personal life stress.

Before you approach an expert for sleep disorders, get your sleep tracked down as a performance chart. With this blog, let us help you get the best sleep trackers or sleep monitoring devices which you can use in your daily life and work towards an improved sleep quality and your overall mental health.

Best Sleep Tracking Devices of 2024

1.Fitbit Sense Smartwatch (Sleep Wearable)

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Apart from tracking sleep on a regular basis, it offers pedometer and even personalized tips to improve your sleep quality. There are good reminders to tell you the time to hit bed. Also, it rings ‘Smart wake’ alarm for you after reaching an optimal stage of sleep.

With a good battery life of 4 days, it acts as a fitness tracker, stores and plays more than 300 songs, has guided coaching and gives you a chance to connect with other Fitbit users.

Available on: Amazon

2.Withings Sleep Tracking Pad


Withings sleep analyzer can collect a lot of data about your sleep including snore detection and breathing disturbances. This data is helpful in learning about your sleep cycle and the collated data could be sent through PDF amongst the concerned members. Place the pad under your mattress and it doesn’t then matter which side you sleep.

Available on: Amazon

3.Oura Ring


When you place the order for this sleep tracker, the company itself sends you a sizing kit to make rings for your finger. This ring offers round clock monitoring and also possesses an infrared LED sensor to check sleep quality and duration.

A personalized sleep score is created as per the data and it also detects heart rate, activity levels, calories, steps, body temperature and respiratory rate.

Available on: Ouraring

4.Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker


This sleep monitoring device is perfect for tracking sleep of two people as it has two sensors available. It works with mattresses of any brand and also contains an air quality monitor, temperature tracker and humidity sensor for the bedroom.

Although it is a little expensive sleep tracker, considering its ability to track sleep cycles and other essentials for two people at a time, the cost is worth it.

Available on: Tempurpedic



This compact and sleek wearable for your sleep can track the sleep, blood oxygen level and any other respiratory issues. It measures only 6 gms and the user will not even feel anything stuck in their finger throughout the night. With the sleep score, get resting heart rate, tosses and turns all through the night and comparative analysis of the sleep quality.

Website: Sleepon

Best Sleep Tracking App

1. SleepScore

Available for Android and iOS, this sleep tracking app starts with the first night of downloading the application. Get detailed sleep analysis with the insight of the sleep environment and essentials like breathing rate and body movement. Based on the sleep data, you will receive personalized sleep advice and recommendations so that you can improve upon sleep cycle

2. Sleepcycle

Coming with a smart alarm clock, this sleep tracker app analyzes your sleep pattern, detects snoring or coughing and understands your overall sleep. It is available for Android as well as iOS.

Wrap Up

We hope that you could find the best sleep trackers according to your schedule and requirements. Also, SleepLoop is one wearable device that was rolled out very recently and induces sleep through auditory stimulation.

Although its reviews are still awaited but for time being, did you like any other sleep tracker mentioned above? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments below.

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