Top 10 NFT Games to Earn & Invest in 2024

best nft games to earn and invest

Are you an avid gamer and who also wants to make returns on your invested time on games? Came across NFT gaming and want to know more ? Or Perhaps you are just curious about this new gaming era which has exploded across the globe.

Fret not, here we will cover all the basic information regarding NFT games and which are the ones you should pay attention to in 2024. 

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So what are NFT Games?

Before we find out what NFT Games are, let’s know about NFT or Non-fungible Token. So, basically, NFTs are digital tokens stored in blockchain containing authenticity and certificate of ownership for any unique digital assets such as artwork, music, photography, and more.

Now ever since the conception of NFTs, it was quite evident that adopting this into games was gonna have explosive results for both game developers and gamers alike.

Hence the latest trend shows nothing is more exciting and growing at a rapid rate than NFT games. Lately, most gaming developers are adopting this new trend to their games and creating more beneficial games for the players as well. 

what are NFT Games

What benefits do you ask? Well NFT games is based out of crypto and it lets players trade the game items and game characters or anything valuable digitally with other players and anyone seeking them for exceptional profits. Then NFT games also have very prominent secondary markets for rare items and anything exciting for current trends, that turn leads to increased profit. 

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With NFT games in the crypto world, the players can get these game items through various strategies. The most usual way is through play-to-earn (P2E) games, where you play the game and earn the rewards through crypto by acquiring rare game items which can be traded in NFT.

Other ways, purchases can be made in the game through crypto to acquire them for trading. Final way would be to purchase rare game items on the NFT marketplace. 

As it is very apparent, NFT games are growing at a rapid phase. Do follow through the list of best NFT Games to earn and invest.  

List of 10 NFT Games to invest :

1. Splinterlands


Currently Splinterlands is the most popular NFT game that a huge number of users are playing. It is a fun, high speed, free to play tradable card game where users earn while playing. To play Splinterlands, you need to purchase a starter pack of cards, register a Steam account and unveil the starter pack cards.

After going through enough cards and familiarizing with the game play, proceed to battle with other players or start a quest to earn rewards. Since it is a play to earn(P2E) game, by just playing it you can earn NFTs and crypto. 

Check out Splinterlands here

2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is another best Play to Earn(P2E) game on NFT games, where players get to explore the game metaverse. This game offers an entire virtual universe spread for players with so much potential to create and trade for game items.

The most lucrative bit about this game would be the unlimited creativity offered to players. As here, players can colonize planets, create governance and economy and also can go for battle exploration to acquire other planet territory. 

Check Alien Worlds here

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another impressive Play to Earn(P2E) NFT game which is also very popular and extremely profitable. With this game, players get to create, collect, breed, raise, battle and trade fantasy creatures called Axies which are also NFTs.

Here, players get to battle these creatures with other players and earn rewards in the form of SLP for every win, then these rewards can be exchanged for crypto NFTs. To start this game,players need to purchase at least  three Axies, and players earn token rewards that are cashed out every fourteen days.

Check Axie Infinity here

4. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a wonderful free to play NFT games where players get to trade cards and battle with other players for rewards. It is a strategy game where players have to battle out card games with other players and win game items or more card rewards.

Each tradable card is unique with various competitive skills to give more advantage chances to win. Since every card is unique and rare, it makes it a very precious  NFT to trade in the marketplace for higher rates. 

Check Gods Unchained here

5. Silks


Silks is a new play to earn NFT game with unlimited potential for growth. It combines real world horse racing with virtual metaverse by allowing players to own a digital horse which is linked to the real world race horse.

Each NFT digital horse will have the same characteristics of the real world, so much so of each quality. So, each time a real world horse wins a race, the player with the same NFT digital horse will gain rewards in terms of in-game cryptocurrency STT.

Check Silks here

6. The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual style metaverse NFT game based on Ethereum and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand. In this game players can create in game items and sell them through Sand on its own marketplace.

Here players can create any virtual assets and trade them. Basically its metaverse of the physical world into digital form enabling players to create all forms of game items and sell or trade them over marketplace. 

Check The Sandbox here

7. Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties

CryptoKitties is the first NFT game developed and based on the Ethereum blockchain to  breed cute cats. Here players get to buy, trade and breed cats with various desirable skills.

Dapper Labs created this NFT game in 2017 and based it out on Ethereum. Rewards can be earned by creating a collection of cats and taking them to KittyVerse for cat fights. 

Check Crypto Kitties here

8. Farmers World

Farmers World

Farmers World is among the best and largest community of NFT games with over 150000 players from all over the world. It is the first farming game on NFTs platform based on WAX NFT Blockchain. Here you can do various farming activities like pick suitable tools, utilize various resources available, purchase land and build farms on it. 

Check Farmers World here

9. Sorare


Sorare is a Fantasy Football trading card game based on the Ethereum blockchain.In this game players basically play football club management where they get to buy, sell and trade the digital cards. When you register with the game, it provides a set of random cards after completing the process.Then players get to make a team with a leader and play in weekly competitions to earn rewards and buy more rare cards in the marketplace.

Check Sorare here

10. Illuvium


Illuvium is the latest open-world RPG adventure game with  a strategy for players to earn reward game items based on Ethereum Blockchain. It is one of the best-looking NFT game that allows players to earn rewards and also purchase the game assets as NFTs to trade.

Since its integration with Immutable X, players gain zero cost NFT transfers and transactions, p 2 p minting and secure assets custody.    

Check Illuvium here

Conclusion –

As it is conclusive from the above list of NFT games that it is an extremely entertaining and lucrative proposition for game developers and players alike. Hence NFT games provides players to collect and trade game items and rewards on the NFT platform for high profits.

Due to these key advantages of NFT games, it has been constantly expanding to greater heights. So do consider these aforementioned Play to Earn (P2E) NFT games above for a great investment and entertainment together. 

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