7 Top-Selling NFT Artists to Collect Right Now


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital tokens stored on the blockchain containing verified authenticity and certificate of ownership for unique digital assets. These digital assets can be anything of digital art, audio, photography, memes, video content and many more.

NFTs came around the year 2012, but recently their popularity has made it in a really high demand. Talking about the highest-selling NFT, especially after an artist sold the NFT created art for $69 million. Since then more artists have enrolled into NFTs. And this trend has become the most favourite among the creator economy presently.

List of the Best Selling NFT artists –

Interested in making an investment in NFTs art but not aware of where or whom to start with?? Below are the most top selling NFT artists to follow & collect their digital assets.

1. Beeple, Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann, who goes by the artist name Beeple, is one of the most famous NFT artists. Beeple’s artwork style includes from reality to portray digital shapes and illustrations on political or environmental issues.

His most famous artwork ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ was auctioned for a whopping $69 million, was the reason for the conventional platform to show immense  interest in NFTs. This artwork was a collection of art created over 10 years for every single day without a break.

Beeple ranks on top of the NFT artists list to look out for with the highest sold NFT art. Considering his every drop creates a wave of sensation across the NFT art community.

Total artwork and Avg. value:

Has sold over 1,351 artworks for $175,668,480.30.

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2. Pak

Pak is an anonymous NFT artist, another extremely famous and top selling NFT artist. Pak has been around for the past couple of decades in the digital media world and continues to be an active artist.

His best-known creation Archillect, a web for images to share on social media platforms is widely appreciated to till date. Pak’s highest-selling NFT art ‘Clock’ was sold for $57,308,276.75 which is a digital counter of Julian Assange’s stay in prison.

This anonymous digital artist holds his art value among the highest in the NFT art world.Hence one of the most promising best known NFT artists to bet on.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 66,320 artworks for $394,791,967.39.

3. Mad Dog Jones

This Canadian artist is among the most sought-after among digital NFT artists for his futuristic and modern style. Every artwork of Mad Dog Jones represents a story to tell with impeccable colouring, surreal collage and dramatic illustrations.

His most famous artwork ‘Replicator’ was sold for an amazing $4.1 million, which is his NFT highest selling art.  Instead of just a single work of art, Replicator is singular “NFT experience comprising seven unique generations of artworks.”

The most expensive living Canadian artist is among the best in business to acquire his art collection.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 1,604 artworks for $19,377,612.09.


XCOPY is a London based digital artist and cryptocurrency enthusiast.Most of their artistic work consist of dystopian style,containing lots of flashing images in loops paired with epilepsy warnings. His extraordinary artwork ‘All Time High In The City’ was sold for $4.3 million. The best selling crypto art is a representation of Charon, the ferryman who brings souls of the dead to the underworld.

XCOPY makes art both engaging and fun with his intuitive moving and abstract illustration. Thus makes this artist to look forward to.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 9,543 artworks $85,618,160.82.

5. Hackatao

These Italian creative duo are among the top NFT artists in digital artwork, with their unique style creating both physical and digital artworks. Hackatao artwork often involves issues of society, humanity, the environment and crypto based.

Their famous NFT artwork ‘Imago, 2k2 a.C’, was sold for $932,285.00 which features a nude woman with art and words printed all over.

The artistic duo are among the best sought after NFT artists for their amazing artwork collections.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 9,184 artworks for $39,809,548.96.

6. FEWOCiOUS, Victoria L

Another talented NFT artist in the digital art world is Teen artist Victoria L, goes by the artist name FEWOCiOUS. This 19 year old is a surrealist digital artist, with more than 100,000 followers on social media.

His most rated artwork ‘Nice to Meet You, I’m Mr.MiSUNDERSTOOD’, represents a sobbing character, lifted from children’s shows as colourful swatches surround his body.

This teen NFT artist has created a buzz of interest for his digital art among his huge fan base with the highest NFT art sold.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 3,189 artworks for $28,506,284.22.

7. Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is scotland based digital artist, who merges art and tech seamlessly to portray amazing creations. His fascination towards the crypto world made him transform his creation style to include innovative technology to create wonderful digital NFTs.

This artist has collaborated with some of the famous NFT digital artists for the best selling NFT art.  One of his best artwork ‘Genesis’, a collaboration with Jose Delbo was sold for $803,972.40 which depicts an animated painting of Jose Delbo’s Batman drawing.

Trevor Jones Art is among the best NFT artists to look out for, considering ever increasing demand for his art collections.

Total artwork and value:

Has sold over 6,072 artworks for $26,221,777.84.

Conclusion –

NFTs are ever-growing in demand among the digital art world and it provides a great platform for artists to connect and engage with their fans. It also gives them the ability to get the right value to their creations in the crypto space. These amazing NFT artists have made top selling NFT art into exceptional results. Along with this, they have also encouraged several other artists to take advantage of this platform and display their talent.

Although digital art is an emerging art platform, it has an extremely promising future for artists to gain great success. So do follow through digital art NFT platform and NFT artists for rapid development.

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