10 Best Gratitude Apps For You to Try Right in 2024

best gratitude apps

Gratitude is a wonderful discipline since it gives you pleasure and has several advantages for your emotional well-being. In fact, keeping a thankfulness notebook has been scientifically proven to improve your life. I agree that some of us would want to compose on paper. Now, how do you take use of it?

Do not really worry, because here’s the great news: we live in a technologically driven era. This is where you’ll find your solution. We recommend the top ten online thankfulness notebook applications, which require no paper yet provide the same excellent results.

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So, it is indeed time to see what gratitude journal apps are available to help you improve your life.

10 Best Gratitude Apps of 2024

1. Gratitude

gratitude app

This vibrant app has a wide range of functions, including the ability to make diary entries for the gratitude notebook, create self-affirmations, get daily quotations, and create a vision board comprised of photos and aspirations.

You may create a daily alert for the journal entries, which is a great option if you are just starting off with journaling. If you’re having trouble getting started, this app offers a list of ideas as inspiration.

Perhaps one our favourite features of this programme is that it includes thankfulness challenges, including a 7-day gratitude project. The daily promises are also fascinating.

Lastly, all of the journal entries remain private, so no one else will be able to view them.

2. Delightful

Delightful gratitude app

This app’s free edition is incredibly liberal and contains all of the capabilities discussed thus far. You may add additional photographs to the vision boards, share your data, store daily zen quotations, & search your diary entries in the subscription edition. This software is available on both iOS & Android devices.

The Wonderful app, like Presently, is a simple approach to thankfulness writing. When you launch the app, you’re greeted with an inspiring phrase and the chance to record your thanks.

Each of the journal comments will be displayed on home page, but you may also access them by selecting the calendar choice. You’ll get three diary questions to pick from while writing a diary entry, like “What’s on the mind presently?” “Tell us about a buddy,” & “What qualities are you thankful for?”

You may respond to all or just one of the questions. Finally, by selecting the share button, you may share the entries with others.

3. Presently

Presently app

Currently, a more simple form of a thankfulness notebook is available. You are asked to write on what you’re grateful for every day. You may examine your thankfulness entries for each day by using the calendar feature.

This is a stripped-down, no-frills edition of the thankfulness diary, particularly when seen by comparing to the prior application, but it should appeal to those who prefer a no-frills, simple approach. Your submissions may be simply shared with family & friends and the application is password protected. The best aspect is that the application is free & has no adverts.

4. Grateful

Grateful app logo

Greatful allows you to generate personalised journal prompts, which is a function that none of the other applications provide. Grateful is simple to use, & your diary entries are confidential and preserved in case you wish to review them later.

The free edition of this application offers the least variety of the applications discussed in this article, since you are limited just to 15 diary entries. However,  You can remove past posts to avoid exceeding the free edition’s restriction, or you could upgrade to the commercial edition to generate an unlimited amount of posts. The ability to create your own prompt is sufficient to recommend this software.

5. Reflectly Journal & AI Diary

Reflectly Journal & AI Diary

Each day, you are prompted to score your mood & create diary entries in Reflectly. Afterthat  Reflectly analyses your diary writings using AI to provide journaling prompts tailored to you.

All of the diary entries are kept so that you can go back and read them later. This is unclear what sort of research is performed on the diary entries – For.eg. looking at choice of words, more complicated algorithm, emotional valence of words, – however the concept of tailored journaling suggestions is intriguing.

The mood monitor is also a useful tool that can be used to learn more about the menstrual cycle or stress levels.

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6. Gratitude Garden

Gratitude Garden

Gamification tactics are used in this application to inspire users. In addition to gratitude blogging, the programme invites users to create a gratitude garden filled with flowers and plants. While journaling, you are asked to write down 3 things for that you are thankful. This will give you a points & card that can be used to buy ‘creatures.’

It’s a novel approach to thankfulness writing that would appeal to people who enjoy earning points & high scores & would profit from a recall of their achievement.

7. 365 Gratitude Journal

365 Gratitude Journal

This software is jam-packed with capabilities. For instance, you are offered inspiring tales to read on daily basis, exercises to follow, meditation, mood tracking, and the ability to make diary entries which you can subsequently share with other connections. For these characteristics, it’s an excellent tool for everyone who enjoys social media & wants it all in one location.

However, some opinions were rather nasty, and you must enter your financial credentials in order to access the application’s free edition. If you don’t want the overcharge, read the tiny print attentively.

Three Good Things

This software gets back to basics, prompting users to write down three pleasant events that occurred that same day. There aren’t any extraneous features. This is an easy journaling application. Your submissions may be saved, exported as PDFs, & shared on social media.

This software is perfect for a person who simply wants to journal and has less functionality compared to the other applications discussed so far.

9. Longwalks


Longwalks, is the applications that emphasises social connections via enabling users to exchange their diary entries and opinions with some other users. Aside from social connectivity, the app includes daily meditation & appreciation questions designed to inspire thought and dialogue.

The programme is most likely appropriate for friends, family members, couples, who are embarking on a journaling experience together.

10. Morning

Morning gratitude app

This lovely software has prompts for day & night writing. You may choose which questions you would like to respond in the morning & which ones you would like to answer in the evening.

The prompts do not have to be confined to journaling; they may also contain affirmations. As instance, you could wish to be reminded in the morning with such a daily affirmation & then in the night with a reflection reminder.  You may also track the mood & see how it changes over time. This app is available in both free and paid versions.


I hope the above gratitude app of 2024 will help you to express your gratitude. These gratitude journal apps are designed in such a way that you do not miss any chance to express your gratitude.

Try these apps and feel the difference in your lifestyle.

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